A downloadable game for Windows

Avulsion is an adventure game developed for an itch jam.  This is a first-person action-adventure game taking place in a medieval dungeon environment filled with puzzles and mystical enemies. Game was developed in 2 weeks for a game jam by myself. More levels may be added in the future with updates.

Game is in beta and still in development, but playable. Improving AI enemy combat logic, improved HUD, and optimizing game will be addressed in the first update.  

Game is mapped for both gamepad and keyboard/mouse inputs. (Control layouts are provided in the main menu section).

Any feedback is welcomed and appreciated. 

Developed for Windows OS

Install instructions

Just download the Avulsion.zip file and execute the avulsion.exe file. 


Avulsion.zip 790 MB

Development log


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Looks amazing. I did try to play, but my pc was lagging way too much. I could only get through the first few puzzles before it got real bad. I hope your updates include lowering of quality for those with average pc's.  Great look and feel.


Thanks for checking it out and glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, sorry about that... I'm working on optimizing it now with some level streaming techniques that should really help performance. Thanks for the feedback.